About G.D. Heating

G.D. Heating are 27 years in the heating business. We are Bord Gais accredited, GID (Gas Installer Domestic) qualified and C2 registered.

G.D. Heating is a registered contractor under the Home Energy Saving Scheme

We can be contacted between the hours of 9am and 7pm at (01) 4945440 or at 087 22 10 936.

Services G.D. Heating provide

Gas and Oil servicing

We specialise in Gas and Oil fired boiler and burner servicing and we can efficiency test your boiler.

Boiler Installation

We can install all kinds of Gas and Oil boilers, condensing and non condensing. We typically install Baxi and Worchester Bosch gas boilers, and Sime and Grant oil boilers.


We service oil burners

Radiator Installation

We install all types of radiators, vertical, compact and roundtop, etc...


We fit room thermostats.


We fit digital and electro mechanical timers for your heating system and your hot water immersion.


We fit heating system pumps.

Thermostatic valves

We fit thermostatic radiator valves to gunbarrel and copper piped systems. This is an excellent way to reduce your heating bill and make your house more comfortable at the same time.

Hot Water Cylinders

We replace immersion groups and hot water cylinders.

Power Flushing

We can power flush heating systems to remove sludge from the pipework and inside of the radiators. We recommend this where new boilers are being fitted to existing pipework and it's a necessity where condensing boilers are being fitted. Sludge buildup is caused by rust forming on the inside of steel radiators and on the inside of gunbarrel pipework. This sludge reduces the bore of the pipework and also forms an insulating layer on the inside of the radiators thereby reducing their ability to transfer heat to the room. A classic sign is the centre of the radiators never heats due to a mound of sludge building up. Sludge is also a common problem in any heating system that has had an ongoing leak. Power Flushing is generally a good idea in heating systems more than 20 years old and is a much cheaper alternative than fitting new radiators. It is also necessary before fitting a condensing boiler to maximise the efficiency of the heating system.